A great book review

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Who should read this book?   “WHAT YOUR DOCTOR DOESN”T KNOW ABOUT NUTRITIONAL MEDICINE MAY BE KILLING YOU” If you want to •    Take charge of your health •    Not worry about declining health as you grow older •    Reverse the progress of your disease •    Protect your good health and reclaim it •   …

Timing and circumstance as keys to improving your fitness

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This is a guest post from Mike at MikedUp Blog, where he writes about fitness, finance, and family. Now, on with the article – Have you ever walked out of a job interview kicking yourself for not giving the absolute best answer to a question? You’re replaying the moment in your head over and over…

Give Me My Greens

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This is to all the salad fans out there and for those who are hesitating to eat salad for a snack or a meal. I used to be one of you…never considered salad greens as real food . I was wrong…today I love to eat my greens and have made it so yummy to consume…

Pre-Workout Energy Boost !

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What should I eat before workout? I have been asked this question quite a lot “Can you guide me on what I should eat before workout”? Nutrition before workout is very much an individual thing. The timing of your food will vary according to the time of the day you exercise as well as the…

Supplements 101 !

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Vitamin supplements have gained a lot of credibility in the past few years with a good reputation of being considered important for the normal functioning of our body. The journal of American Medical Association recommends atleast a multi-vitamin for all adults. Here at Dini’s Healthy Living, we recommend NUTRILITE brand of Vitamin supplements.

Dietary Supplements ! Do I need them ?

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Let me begin with how I got into supplements and why? My story might definitely give you an insight into whether supplementing your diet with vitamins and minerals is an option for you or not. My exposure to Vitamin supplements began about 12 years ago. I was living in a beautiful Northern Ohio suburb of…

Post-Workout Smoothie

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What should I drink after my workout? I have had this question many times from my clients and there are many choices as to what you can have after a workout session.I am going to share what I take and how it benefits me. Hopefully it will be of great benefit to you too. Normally…

My Crossfit box review

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What is crossfit? Is it worth it?   By now it was four amazing years of personal training sessions in a regular gym facility which was by the way once a week..rest of the days I was training on my own,had figured out how to plan my own workouts and follow them.I felt I was…

Juicing Greens !!

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I love juicing my leafy green vegetables and some fruits in my amazzzzing OMEGA JUICER Ingredients : Kale ( 2 bunches) Spinach ( 3 cups) Apples (1 medium) Carrots (4 medium) Ginger ( small to medium) Lemon( half or 1) Fresh Juice not only has great nutritional value , it has LIFE.. My recommendation is…

Do I really have the $$$ to get a personal trainer ?

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Most people do not have money lying around waiting to be spent…we have to reach a point where money has to work for us rather than us working for money…eventually we will all get there if we have a plan and follow the plan of action…before we get around figuring that out… I believe good…