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FullSizeRender(12)Who should read this book?



If you want tobook1

•    Take charge of your health
•    Not worry about declining health as you grow older
•    Reverse the progress of your disease
•    Protect your good health and reclaim it
•    Protect your most precious asset(ability to think)
•    Understand cellular nutrition
•    Why nutritional supplements
•    Have prescription drugs as your last resort

then this book is definitely a must-read for you !
As you can see the author Ray D.Strand is a doctor himself and he writes about his journey from being a disease-oriented physician to understanding the importance of cellular nutrition(preventative medicine).

So what made Dr.Strand study or believe in nutritional supplements?

It was his wife’s deteriorating health. She was going through continual total body pain,extreme fatigue,recurring sinus and allergies followed by lung infections. She was eventually diagnosed with fibromyalgia. She had full trust in her husband and was very excited to be married to a doctor but unfortunately, Dr.Strand had no cure for her illness other than loading her up with medications. He was pharmaceutically trained to treat disease and know the drugs. After years and years of practicing medicine Dr.Strand found it extremely disturbing to see the pain and suffering the chronic degenerative diseases could bring to him and his patients.

Why do people want to consult doctors before taking nutritional supplements?

Dr. Strand states it is because people have a certain amount of respect for the doctors and they assume that doctors are experts on all health related issues including vitamins and minerals or so to say nutritional supplements. Did you know that only 6 percent of graduating physicians have any training or understanding of nutrition. People look up to modern medicine as their savior and to medications as the cure.This is the very reason Dr.Strand wrote this book and recommends preventive rather than post-problem medicine. Dr.Strand by now could not bear to see his wife’s suffering, he had no choice but to try good organic supplementation for her recovery. He loaded her with antioxidants ,nutrients like Vitamin C, Vitamin E and beta-carotene and the rest is history. Read the book to see how and at what speed she recovered and what was the reason for her fast recovery from years and years of being sick.
This led Dr.Strand to research more on supplementation. He studied cell damage caused by free radicals and what oxidative stress can do to the human body.

Today through his book he teaches people to stop living too short and dying too long. Do yourself a favor. Order this book now and help yourself or a loved one live a full and abundant physical life.


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