About Me

Your journey to staying young, healthy and fit begins here…..

This is for you…because “YOU ARE IMPORTANT”.


I want you to benefit from my experience, expertise, and insights on not only how to live a healthy life but along the way reach your fitness levels.

I have uncovered the secrets to not only feeling energetic but staying youthful and I can very proudly say that each day I am closer to my health and fitness goals , multiplying my success one simple step at a time.

I would love to impart that knowledge and expertise on to you because you are freakin’ awesome and you deserve the best.


My journey that led me to finding my passion….

I lived in a beautiful Ohio suburb township with my happy family of 2 kids and a wonderful husband who was quite indulged in his newly found passion for fitness. It was a happy and a wonderful life . Truck loads of blessings still pour in each day.


All our meals were prepared at home , even the school lunches. Kids loved to pack home cooked meals for their school lunches and it made me even happier. I had the usual busy life…work, kids school work, run around for activities, time for myself..what was that??

I have always been a keen observer on my body’s responses to foods that I consume on a daily basis. I was eating right, plenty of fruits and vegetables each day with enough lentils, legumes, nuts etc and there seemed to be nothing wrong with my diet. (that is what I thought )

But for one problem….almost everyday I would be very exhausted around 10-11 am which is quite early in the day for tiredness to set in…I remember having gone through many many days with this feeling.I had no energy left for any kind of work at home or in my job.


Days had lapsed into months and I was now desperate..I had to figure out what was going on. Had my annual physical and nothing was wrong…my physician had not recommended me any supplements or even remotely discussed any such thing. It was about the same time I had seen an amazing change in my best friend who was easily 10+ years older than me . She had this newly found glow and her energy levels had shot up.She was so full of life and always vibrant. I was desperate to find out what was she doing different.

This was the year I had also begun to experience some changes including my metabolism starting to slow down. I had to cut down on certain foods and no matter what I did I just was not getting in shape…”When the student is ready the teacher appears”…Luck was by my side and during that time my husband was my miracle worker. He encouraged me to join the community gym that he was going to and wanted me to start weight training. Little did I know that I would fall in love with strength training, lifting weights and the community of people in the gym. I would go each day at the same time either for group classes or individual training . I was not looking for quick results , I did it because it made me so happy, hard to describe that feeling. Results followed. My happiness gave me immense energy. My world was energized. Unusual right !! You must be thinking how can gymming make someone so happy..

Remember, I mentioned about my best friend so full of vitality and youthfulness. Well, she had added plant based supplements to her daily regimen. Please do read my blog on supplements . My formula for success is this


My message to you is follow your passion. Do what makes you happy. Not everybody enjoys the same things. It is never too late.

That is what I did,  I followed my passion. I wanted to be an inspiration to many around me . A person of influence. This journey led me to pursue my career as a PERSONAL TRAINER, A NUTRITION COACH ,WEIGHT MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT, ONLINE PERSONAL TRAINER AND eventually A CROSSFIT COACH .

It wasn’t easy .

I went through the silent battle of my own thoughts and feelings at times believing I can do this and at times saying to myself “ Eh! Maybe not..I am not as young as I think, maybe a little too old etc etc “


It was time to kick any negative thoughts out my door and go after my passion and find the miracles that have my name on it. I just had to dare the journey and achieve what I wanted.


My kids are my encouragement bundle. They never stop believing in their Mom and I go after my dreams for them. There are many miracles out there with YOUR name on it. You are created to go out and make it happen.


How is all this related to health. It is…

You follow your passion, it makes you happy and a happy heart is a healthy heart. Today, I not only coach physical health and well-being but also holistic mental health is my very big focus. Without mental and emotional health, physical health takes a beating. Learning to love myself is one of my biggest achievement today.



My clients love the fact that I am work in progress too and that age is not a limiting factor…it is your willingness to change and get better, live a youthful, energetic life always.I do presentations and webinars on Healthy Living for small scale businesses, organizations, and in-home settings and teaching them the motto that I like to live by ‘Health is an investment, not an expense….however it can become an expense if you do not take care of it today’.


I also enjoy cooking healthy meals for family. My family and my family’s health is the biggest blessing I have today and will continue to be thankful for this blessing each and every day of my life.

Don’t give up on yourself….you are the best friend you will always have. Your body is the only place you will live in…..so lets team up and make ourselves the best we ever can….

Cheers !!


Founder of Dini’s Healthy Living Inc.