OMRON Body Sensor HBF-514c


Do you know your body fat percentage? How about your Visceral fat?

Transform your weight loss resolution to an attainable goal. Omron Scale is here to offer you help. It is a full body sensor and a body composition monitor . Its sensors help calculate estimated values of

  • body fat
  • skeletal muscle
  • resting metabolism
  • visceral fat
  • BMI
  • body age
  • weightfullsizerender-2

The most important reading here that you should focus on is VISCERAL FAT . Before I go on explaining why let us first understand

“What is Visceral fat”?

It is a gel-like fat that is wrapped around your internal organs like liver,pancreas ,kidneys and intestines. Don’t take this type of fat lightly…it is the main cause of various health problems some of them being high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and also high cholesterol. The only other way to measure your Visceral fat is through MRI( Magnetic Resonance Imaging) which can be very expensive.

Visceral fat is often referred to as subcutaneous fat and is uniquely capable of triggering a universe of inflammatory phenomena.
As a Wellness Coach I use this scale for family, friends, clients and for myself for monitoring body composition. Some major corporations use it to measure their employee’s basic health metrics. Most fitness centers use this as well to measure a new client/member’s body composition before they can recommend a proper workout routine .

It is wonderfully priced at Amazon(click on the image below) and is totally worth the money. Get your body composition at the convenience of your home and find out your visceral fat level results.

What is Resting Metabolism ?bench-890045__340

RM is the rate at which our body burns food. It is the minimum number of calories your body needs to perform day-to-day activities. For example if your resting metabolism shows up as 1614, that is the minimum amount of calories you will need to ingest on a daily basis to provide energy to your body to perform its basic functions or in simple terms ‘please intake 1614 calories to stay alive with no activity’.


Skeletal Muscle 

This was my goal. I wanted to increase my muscle mass . To have that goal you also need to know your existing skeletal muscle percentage. Omron scale helps you with that. One of the fastest ways to increase your skeletal muscle is weight training and intake of good quality protein. The more muscle you have the more calories you would burn.crossfit3

Body Age

Body age is totally based off of your other readings like resting metabolism,body fat etc. Women, don’t be worried. We usually have more body fat than men. And since body fat can be lowered, so can body age. A motivation to workout.

I don’t have to go into any information on weight and BMI . I would highly recommend this particular Omron Scale as an investment in your health. Remember it is not to get your body composition readings everyday but once a month and monitor your progress. Feel free to ask me questions through my comment section at the end of this blog. I will be very happy to help and guide you as you work towards reaching your health and fitness goals.

Health is your biggest wealth and make it a point to invest in it.


Note: Omron Scale should be kept on a hard surface when ready to use. Also do not use socks when you stand on it for measurements. It uses Bioelectrical Impedence Method to send weak electric signals to determine the amount of water in each tissue and socks can interfere with your reading. Use only for 18yrs of age or above. Not recommended for pregnant women.



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