Personal Trainer Review

This was the year I had begun to experience some changes including my metabolism starting to slow down. I had to cut down on certain foods and no matter what I did I just was not getting in shape…”When the student is ready the teacher appears”…Luck was by my side and I found the most amazing personal trainer in the whole wide world right in a small community gym in Ohio.He was experienced,understood my goals,knew all about weight training,was kettlebell certified and taught me all that I wanted to and was willing to learn. I am so grateful to have crossed paths with such a genuine personal trainer with amazing values. My fitness foundation was solidified in the 4 years that I trained with him. My passion for fitness and health multiplied exponentially during those years and I went ahead and got multiple certifications in Fitness Nutrition and Weight Management .

I fell in love with kettlebell related workouts and bought one for my home ..on snow days that would do it for me. A few kettlebells (of different weights)at home is a great investment as well. I would use it so often that my 2-year niece was trying to lift olympian in training…


For those of you who are not able to figure out which form of exercise works for you..there is no right or wrong answer..I would say study your body and understand how it responds to different forms of exercise. It is just like when you have children, you try all different activities for them to find out which one they enjoy the it a team sport or individual sport and various other factors that come into play…In a similar way find out if group fitness classes are your thing, is it Yoga,Zumba,Spinning,Insanity…what is it that you enjoy and which one is beneficial for you. I was at a point in life where I needed one on one personal trainer. I had to find the time and the money to invest. I had started coaching and training people on health and fitness by then. My clients loved the fact that I am work in progress too and that age is not a limiting factor…it is your willingness to change and get better,live a youthful,energetic life always.I started doing presentations on Healthy Living for small scale businesses, organizations, and in-home settings and teaching them the motto that I like to live by ‘Health is an investment, not an expense….however it can become an expense if you do not take care of it today’.


I started creating healthy cuisine and started enjoying cooking healthy meals for family. My family and my family’s health is the biggest blessing I have today and will continue to be thankful for this blessing each and every day of my life. By now my awesome personal trainer had provided me good enough years of correct form during workout,his expertise, and my accountability had definitely improved my self-confidence as I moved one step closer to my fitness goals.Many of you must be at that stage in life thinking “Should I or should I not get a personal trainer”….you and only you can decide on this…remember there is a time for everything but I also teach people that it is you who decides whether the time is now or later….


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