Ultra-nutritious Steel cut oatmeal breakfast
Servings Prep Time
4-5people 5min
Cook Time Passive Time
15min 10min
Servings Prep Time
4-5people 5min
Cook Time Passive Time
15min 10min
  1. I made oatmeal in my instant pot… easy and fun. Featured in the image is Steel cut oats from Trader’s Joe. I also like to use a high quality unsweetened Almond milk from an organic store, but you have a choice to use what is available for you. Just make sure it does not have carrageenan, xanthum gum , it just might be too processed. ( just a health tip )
  2. I added nuts and seeds to my oatmeal for extra health benefits. Don’t try to avoid nuts and seeds thinking they are high in fat and calories. They are actually good for you in moderation. Don’t overdo on them either. A handful of them is enough to give you the vitamins, immune-boosting minerals and healthy fats that are good for your brain as well.
  3. Add your Steel cut oats, water, almond milk, nuts and seeds , banana, cinnamon, nutmeg powder and vanilla extract and set your instant pot for 15 min. Nutmeg adds a special slightly sweet flavor along with its additional benefits of improving brain health, detoxification, blood pressure and more. Cinnamon is our wonder spice used widely in India as well. It helps in arthritis, osteoporosis, blood sugar control, weight loss and much more.
  4. And it is ready.. don’t go by its looks.. It is actually filling and delicious. I did not add any brown sugar to it. Personally prefer low sugar. The sugar from the banana made it sweet enough for me. Also, when you add berries on top or any added fruits it adds to the sweetness.
  5. Yumm.. Berries have the least amount of sugar and I feel they taste so fresh and amazing . Load up your oatmeal with more antioxidants . Add honey to your oatmeal if you want it sweeter.
Recipe Notes


  • Stir together Steel-cut oats, water , almond milk and other ingredients listed
  • Cook on high for 15 min
  • Follow it by natural pressure release for 10 min
  • Remove lid and stir the oatmeal
  • Let it cool for 5 min
  • Add the fruit topping of your choice
  • Enjoy this fiber and antioxidant rich breakfast

*This recipe is for Steel cut oats only. Don’t use Instant oats or rolled oats by mistake. *

If using a SLOW COOKER , the same recipe would take 4-6 hours in slow cooking mode.

Refrigerate the Oats, re-heat and eat , easy, simple and delicious breakfast for busy people …

Enjoy ..