My Crossfit box review

What is crossfit? Is it worth it?


By now it was four amazing years of personal training sessions in a regular gym facility which was by the way once a of the days I was training on my own,had figured out how to plan my own workouts and follow them.I felt I was ready for the next phase of my fitness life..Alongside,I had tried boxing,Yoga,boot camps,swimming and was still on the lookout for more…felt like there is more that I have to reach out for…I wanted to see myself at the next level of health and fitness. That is when I found the key, it felt like I was at the right place at the right time ..and I was.One of my best days ever…I cherish the times of my life in what I call “the defining moments”….Finding my first CROSSFIT gym was one of those ….FullSizeRender(9)

Most Crossfit gyms have a free trial class. I would highly recommend that.You will be exposed to different functional movements which are a mix of gymnastics, weightlifting, running and rowing along with a variety of high intensity workout. My journey into health and fitness led me to meet some amazing people with similar interests and we would very easily indulge into conversations with topics on healthy eating,workouts, weightlifting..etc. Among these many wonderful people I made a good friend Jess who was already into Crossfit. A mom of two she definitely looked like a fitness model. She would talk about Crossfit and how she loved it and that I should try it out….one fine day I did and WOW ! Did I love it ..I did…a lot..I loved the coaching style, the team spirit, the community feeling etc..Will talk more about the coaches and what differentiates a good coach from a great coach. I can very proudly say I had the best and the greatest coaches and consider myself very fortunate to have been guided and coached by them.

I was paying $120 per month for one class per week with a personal trainer. For the same cost you can have 3 classes per week depending on your location. My monthly gym membership with personal training sessions was easily $150. My crossfit box in Ohio offered me unlimited classes per week for the same amount along with access to Olympic lifting club also known as the barbell club . I loved the package and I am sure you will too.

So, if you are thinking ‘Is Crossfit for me?’.“ Your emotional outlook affects your physical well-being”. Don’t be the person who spends all their time(health) making wealth because the time might come where you could be spending all that wealth to get your health back. Ask yourself” What is my outlook on life in general”? “Am I ready to get out of my comfort zone”? Commitment is the only thing that you have to put in ‘in’ your today to get the results you want tomorrow…..Commit to your health and fitness now and live a quality and quantity life.



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