21 day challenge to detox your mind before you detox your body

stress-1837384__340Detoxing our physical bodies is what we hear from time to time but not many of us think about detoxing our minds .

How many of you are up to a 21-day challenge to reprogram your mind and letting go of any emotional toxicity that might be clogging your head as of now.


My goal is to make it easier for you by listing down 5 effective ways that I found in my experience works wonders and will catapult you to your next level of thinking which also means promoting you to the next level of success.


1. Have a daily goal

I have worked many days with goals and many without any goals. I have been the happiest the day I set a goal and go after it to accomplish it. The days I have not been able to set a goal for myself I felt like a wandering generality. Believe me you don’t ever want to feel that way.

It is easy to have a healthy mind when you have a happy heart. So choose to be happy, set a goal for today, write it down. It will give direction to your day. Make it a way of life.



Here is a list of some simple goals I had set for a day.

  • Drink a gallon of water
  • Read Positive mental attitude books for 45 min
  • Call my Parents
  • Attend a Spinning class at my gym
  • Go to the movies with the kids


If this is what my goal was for that day and I accomplished it , believe me I still felt I was moving upward and onward towards an objective.


2.Take some time out for yourself each day…you deserve it


In our society today, we tend to be so preoccupied with our work, our projects that there is no time for ourselves. Give yourself periodic reassurance that you deserve the best. Pick a corner in your home which I call mine as my “Island of peace and solitude“. The entire idea for this exercise is for you to feel relaxed along with enjoying a feeling of elevated self-affection. Spending time with yourself can bring in security from deep within.

Along with that work on a self-talk for yourself.


A few lines of my own self-talk ( a great mind detox exercise)


  • I live a life of total abundance
  • I add value to everyone I meet
  • Money is easily flowing into my life
  • I am relaxed and at peace with myself
  • I am fit and healthy

and so on…..


3. Feed your mind this !

When we are physically hungry we eat, but when we are mentally hungry what do we do??

How often do we feed our minds. Did you know our minds have no limit to its happiness potential, value or earnings. Don’t feed your mind only when it is convenient, or when you have nothing else to do. Remember it has no ceiling to its potential. Here are some things that I do to feed my mind

  • Read good books
  • Listen to motivational recordings

This one of “Joel Osteen” is one of my favorites…..highly recommend it.



I also learned this from one of the books I read….”Everything we learn, we learn consciously , but only when we do it subconsciously we do it well.”



4. Stop living for yesterday


I find a great thrill in making something out of myself. One of the decisions I had to make was stop living for yesterday and enjoy the present while planning for the future. When you live for yesterday your mind is full of emotional toxins related to “What ifs”. To deal with our present and live a fulfilling life each day we have to completely detox our mind from self-condemnation that may have been caused by rejections, failure, embarrassment, or mental stress of any kind. Forget the things that are behind and press forward to make your mark in this world.


5. Feed your mind “love”


In my opinion the fastest way to detox your mind is feeding your mind the food of love. Love can tarnish if it is not polished just like sterling silver. You have to be able to take the time to do things that interests you, develop those happy emotions filled with joy and triumph .




Don’t let your self-esteem leak , it is not worth it. Love yourself so you can love others and spread the joy of living. Earlier I talked about spending time with yourself, this one here is doing an activity for yourself that will make you love yourself more. For me it is “weight training” :))) It makes me very happy and I am very vibrant and energetic all day. Other one is “Family time” . Love it, love it and it totally feeds my self-esteem. Find out what is yours !!



Don’t wait ! “IT IS YOUR LIFE”

Take on the challenge and you will find out yourself hydroplaning through life, skimming smoothly over any rough waves making it a way of life .

Cheers to your success and healthy living !


  1. Great idea Dini! I learned 14 day detox through Holistics MBA they took out at least two days of preparation. I like this approach a lot! I’m curious now to see your 21 detox for the body!

  2. Great thoughts Dini. I agree with daily goals. I have seen if I write something for me , I try to accomplish that ( most of the times) but yeah having every day goal is important. And spending time with yourself helps a lot. Even if it is as simple as going for a walk and admiring the beautiful nature.

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