Are your thoughts impacting your health?

I believe in the “magic power” of the vibrations of our thought impulses and how it impacts our health and wellness day in and day out. We are a nation filled with abundance of food and land but poverty-stricken in time.

Our thoughts define who we are ! Are your thoughts impacting your health positively or negatively...take the time to think…

The bad news is time flies. The good news is YOU are the pilot”

Michael Altschuler



I heard this the other day “ I am definitely going to take a course in time management as soon as I find time to fit it in my schedule”…….It made me chuckle….you can never find time, you have to create it just like you can never find good health and fitness knocking at your have to work towards it…..and this work begins with your THOUGHTS.


I was having a conversation with a friend a few days back and we were talking about “Thoughts” and its impact on us and this is what she said “ I am so busy trying to find a balance in life and you are talking about thoughts…I don’t have time to think about anything” .



Why is our society so far removed from a balanced life that the concept of thinking about creating one does not even exist? Why is it that people are leading such a robotic lifestyle that they forgot to play again? 

I know you might barely have time to breathe and here I am making you think.



Think about the last time you had a nice, home cooked dinner. Research stated that 90% of families today have no time to prepare home-cooked meals.

When was the last time you had some time to yourself. Recollect what you did during that time.

Wait, do you even want time for yourself?

Do you know what to do with yourself?

Are you your best friend?

Is your spouse your best friend?

Are your children your best friends?

Now that I have started to make you think, and you are anyways into the deep thinking process why not think the thoughts that make you happy and do the things that bring happiness.Easier said than done right !

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Here are a few things I do that even the thought of them brings me immense happiness. I feel vibrant and exhilarated.


  • Family time…..totally love it ( I feel I am just wired this way)
  • Weight lifting and kettlebell workouts…absolutely love it
  • Working on my passion…my business…working each day to create a legacy


Write down what you enjoy. Give yourself importance. You are special and freakin’ amazing…..


Here is a scenario of someone wired very differently…


Real time experience with real-time answers  when I asked these questions..

Q)What is your passion?


Q)Do you love your job?

a)I love it so much that I can do it 24 hrs everyday for the rest of my life.

Q)How about your health?

a)I don’t have time for that…I barely find time to exercise and I do weight-lifting in the morning and running in the evenings.( good enough…exercise is taken care of)

Q)How long will you continue this way…the more you grow in your profession the bigger the promotions resulting in more work load?

a)This is all I have time for ( not thinking outside the box)

Q)How about your family time?

a)I do my best in spending time with family..(what if your best is not enough)

Q) How does your wife feel about your work and your passion for it?

a)She has to understand , I am doing it for family, for her.

Q) Are you stressed because of workload?

a)A lot, it is taking a toll on my health.

Q)Why don’t you do something about it?

a)I cannot, I have to work and there is so so much to do all the time.

Q)Do you have time for your wife? Do you vacation ?

a)I do vacation but my workload is so much I sometimes have to work during vacation time. I have to work weekends and nights. I have to be on the phone checking my work mails all the time. My boss calls me on weekends and I have to work. I enjoy it, she doesn’t. ( wonder why she does not understand)



THERE IS NO PERSONAL TIME EQUITY….there never was a plan to create one…this is the story of every other person I talk to.

This is a game played by many to win at work, NOT AT LIFE.



Thoughts play a big role here as you can see…every thought you have creates an energy wave around you and within you . These thoughts make you feel a certain way and you attract everything in life based on exactly how you feel.

I affirm these to myself all the time..

  • I am amazing.
  • I am confident
  • I attract wealth and prosperity where ever I go.
  • Anything I touch prospers
  • Making money is so easy and fun
  • I am blessed abundantly with good health, joy, friendships, happiness and success.
  • I have great solid relationships with family and friends…

To sum it up



Think thoughts of happiness. Watch a funny video. Laugh a lot. Do what makes you happy. Create a LIFE and win at it. Imagine yourself with time and what you would do with it. Take the time to think today to create and live a LIFE of your dreams tomorrow filled with abundance of good health and prosperity.



To your success and great health….






  1. Hello, this is a great post, hopefully the people that really need it would have the time to read It, I agree 100% with you and adding to this article is the power of a smile, how many people out there forgot how to smile, one smile in the morning can change your day 🙂

  2. Great informative article. I totally agree with you about the thinking process. Everything in a healthy life style is mental. You must create your own good health. If you choose to read one of my articles, they help cope with depression and I talk about how exercise and getting outdoors and enjoy time with family friends helps your life style completely. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Dini, you are reading my thoughts too 🙂 I am a firm believer that positive thoughts affect your life in a positive way too. They do say it is vital to remain positive when we are ill. Likewise, I am not necessarily saying we should be cheshire cats each and every day of our lives – some days are worse and more difficult than others. But trying to look for the brighter side of things does help, that’s for sure!

  4. Thank you for your post Dini, I share your mindset. I could not function to the best of my ability if I didn’t start my day with a fitness workout. It puts your body and brain power into motion allowing you to think clearly and sharp. I want to cover this as a topic for discussion in the future and am glad I have made contact on your site.
    Please visit my site and leave me some comment, at the moment I have just started covering boxing as a cardio workout but like I said want to expand into all the various aspects of sport, training and equipment

    • Thank you Morne for your feedback ! I tried title boxing a few yrs back and loved it…Trying to figure out what works best for me and my schedule I stuck with my morning HIIT training time. Do what makes you what I recommend.

  5. Thank you Morne for tour feedback ! Yes boxing is a great fitness activity too ! I tell people “Do what you love and what makes you happy ” but everything starts with a thought and gaining control over what you are thinking !

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