CARROTS and Juicing?

We have all heard of the term “Superfood”. It is so widely used all over the world today. Lets talk about benefits of carrots and why is it considered as one of the most enjoyable and cherished superfoods.

If you are like me I am not too fond of eating raw carrots…though I am very well aware of its myriad health benefits. You could still consume this crunchy,orange powerfood in many different ways(sliced,baked,raw,curried,juiced).




We all have heard of the term “Beta-Carotene”. What is it? Many people today do look for products with Beta-Carotene. Beta-Carotene is actually a pigment that give our root-vegetable carrot its vibrant,rich color.Our human body converts this consumed beta-carotene into Vitamin A which is also the plant based Retinol. Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin providing us healthy vision.Carrots are also loaded up with antioxidants thereby neutralizing the free radical damage in the human body. Carrots are also known for its richness in Biotin,potassium,Calcium,magnesium,phosphorous and other trace minerals.

Carrots !! What!! What about Sugar ?

Carrots fall under the low carb category with only 11.7gms of carbohydrates in a cup of raw,sliced carrots.Carbohydrates are your energy producing foods. The higher a carbohydrate is on your glycemic index, the quicker it turns into sugar and upsets your hormone cycles. The glycemic index of carrots vary from 16 to 80 depending on how it is consumed (raw,cooked or juiced). Since raw carrots have a low glycemic index they are not going to crazily spike up the sugar levels. Vegetables are also rated with a high ranking in Nutrient Density , carrots having given a score of 240(1000 being the perfect score).



Carrots do fall under the sugary vegetable category . Moderation is the key . I personally love juicing fresh organic carrots in my Omega juicer  … but remember juicing raises the glycemic index of carrots to 80, hence I make it a point to consume it only for or with breakfast. This way the natural sugars in carrots will have enough time in the day to get assimilated. Other options are juicing carrots with other vegetables thus reducing its glycemic index. A carrot or two is the moderate level of consumption for diabetic patients.

Do I have to buy organic carrots ?

YES!! The EWG group in Washington D.C has worked very hard in developing what is today called a Shopper’s guide to Pesticides. Their data is based on nearly 87,000 tests for pesticide residues in produce collected by USDA and FDA. Carrots ranked 11th based on the pesticide load found in them. So , yes, go Organic and walk the path of great health .Incorporate more vegetables in your daily diet……



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