Dieting and Weight-loss ! REALLY

Now that the holidays are over are you dieting or maybe detoxing ? Is your diet working ? Many of you must have already started punishing your body by eating just salads, juice fasting or getting on a crash diet..Is so, STOP !! You are doing more harm than good !


Let us recap ….


How many of you went on vacation or had family and friends over during the holidays..I did..I spent the holidays enjoying family time. Getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays is a good thing. I was in Goa, a beautiful beach location in India and I know what you are thinking..

How did she manage to eat right or exercise?

Well, the truth is “I didn’t.” Neither did I eat right nor did I exercise LOL. I had planned to. I took my resistance bands and booked an airbnb that had a gym. To my dismay the community gym was closed everyday of that week. I also planned to do body weight exercises in my room and maybe go running on the beach. You will be amazed..I also ordered a TRX suspension training kit and planned to take it with me in the flight but due to lack of space had to leave it behind.


Did I follow my plan? Not at all and it is okay. I did not commit a crime . I enjoyed, lived, loved family time and laughed a lot. I enjoyed my vacation being happy, healthy and carefree. It was a vacation where memories counted not calories.

“My hobbies include eating and complaining that I am fat” One of my friend smilingly mentioned that this was her  holiday hobby..It is okay as long it is just our holiday hobby and not a daily hobby.


Well, the holidays are over , what should I do? How do I lose the weight that I gained?


Let me tell you what you should not do and then we will come to what you should do

  1. NO Crash Diets please

For those of you who know me I am totally against crash diets or any kind of FAD diet and have never recommended one. A client once requested me to get her on one since she was going for her college reunion soon and needed to lose some weight. What she wanted was a crash diet , you know how the weight always comes back and it comes back double or more depending on various factors.I would rather have you make sustainable lifestyle changes than punish your body and deprive it of the essential nutrients and minerals.

I have also reiterated this over and over again “Body weight is NOT a clear indicator of good health, your body composition is ”

2. NO Juice fasting or cabbage soup fasting


I love juicing, especially my green juices but I recommend green juice as a in between meal snack ,not a meal-replacement. Juice can used to maybe replace one meal , I often replace my breakfast with Celery juice .

Here is what happens when you go on diets like these

You lose weight unhealthily

— You lose your lean mass (muscle mass )

— Body fat stays the same

— Hormonal imbalance

— Micronutrient and mineral deficiency increases

— Hair loss

— Sagging skin (loss of collagen)

Every part of your body is negatively affected.



  1. Eat Home cooked meals

I have a recent post about this on my Facebook page Dini’s healthy living Your “Likes” are highly appreciated.

Home cooked meals are the best and the healthiest. Along with other legacies, I feel good health and healthy habits is one of the biggest legacies you can pass on to the next generation and beyond. My daughter loves to cook fresh food at home and to see her do that brings me loads of happiness.

As we all know, restaurant food is loaded with trans fat, I call it the damaged fat, mainly used to preserve and increase shelf life of foods. Did you know that trans fats are not completely banned from the manufacturing process and remain hidden in today’s foods.

When I say home cooked meals, I also mean fresh food. For those of you who have not read my blog post on  MICROWAVE:The silent killer of our immune system

Try eating freshly prepared home cooked meals and snacks for a month and you will feel amazing..not to mention It is an extremely healthy way to lose weight.

2. Eat till you are 80% full.

Firstly, study your body. Understand how it functions. Eating is a process of internalization. Enjoy your food and feel it giving you energy and vitality. Know when to stop eating. I learnt this from my son, he is a master at this.

Nuts and seeds are probably the best snacks you can munch on.

I also like any raw veggies with home made guacamole or a home made dip.

Limit on fruits . Eat them before noon.


3. Have a healthy state of mind.

Think right towards people. Before that think right towards yourself and for yourself. Love and respect your body. It goes a long way.

I have another blog for those of you who haven’t read that one , click here DETOX YOUR MIND BEFORE YOU DETOX YOUR BODY

Once again mental detox is very important. I have seen many extremely fit and good looking people with a crappy attitude. That is absolutely not the definition of healthy and fit in my dictionary.


4. Eat everything in moderation.

I have never given up on my Indian traditional food that I grew up eating. Do I eat Parathas, Naan, samosas, chaat, kaaju barfi . Here is the truth. I eat them all while on vacation , in parties. Eat once in a while so you are not craving for your comfort foods.

Each day does not have to be a high-carb day. Keep one day a week where you can treat yourself with Parathas or naan and the next week Samosa chaat on a Saturday maybe.


5. Exercise : A non-negotiable



Any form of exercise is good. This is what I would recommend…do what you enjoy the most whether it is yoga, crossfit, kettlebells, dance aerobics, running, just do something. This holiday season my nieces enjoyed kettlebells and jumprope to the extreme. Kids are fast learners, they imitate what the elders do assuming it is in their best interest. Why do we as adults hesitate to have a mentor or a coach in the area where we need to improve?


Lack of exercise reduces neuromuscular control.

Don’t be a victim to sarcopenia and osteopenia . These terms should not even touch you mentally or physically. We as humans are designed for continuous activity and let us enjoy being active, healthy and happy.

Last but not the least as I always say “LOVE and RESPECT your own inner self , your body ” and you will automatically start taking care of yourself like never before .

Follow me on instagram @healthydini and message me for online personal training and nutrition coaching ( diet plans), customized supplementation.

My goal is to inspire people all over the world live a healthy, happy, energized life. I can help you FALL IN LOVE WITH YOURSELF all over again 🙂


To your success and great health,



  1. Hi Dinis! I really enjoy your website on healthy living, and I found it very informative too! Your accountability is very reassuring, and I know we all appreciate it. You bring up fresh ideas based around healthy living, and it is refreshing to see some new insight. Thank you for providing us with your information!

  2. Hi I really like your honesty. That you are talking to people about your holiday, how you didn’t followed your plan. Also your ,,detox mind before your body,, is really inspirative. I am already working on my weight loss, I really prefer fitness, little bit workout, little bit running and definitely good diet.

  3. I love your article and of course it is at the perfect time of the year. We all need to take to heart the advice you have given. We would all be much better off if we learned to eat more healthy all year long but allow ourselves to relax at appropriate times.

  4. Hi Dini,

    Great post! I love your honesty and sharing your life experience. being vulnerable is so rare these days. Healthy eating is really simple if you just follow your plan above.

    So many people get confused with so many diets. There seems to be a new miracle diet every week. But of course they don’t last. Love the website and your ideals. Great work,


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