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Do you experience occasional discomfort after your meals. Here is something you will absolutely love. It is a unique and diverse blend of natural enzymes that support the enzymatic breakdown of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, dairy and starches thereby easing any gas, bloating, heartburn-like symptoms. fullsizerender15

The goal is better digestion leading to better absorption of nutrients in the body. With plant concentrates of spirulina and parsley, this digestive enzyme supplement is a great natural health remedy to incorporate in your daily diet.

Let’s find out WHY…and begin with…


The process of digestion

The digestive process starts way earlier than we think. The basic art of preparing and cooking food starts the very act of secreting digestive hormones. To stay on the point here, the first step of digestion starts in the mouth where food is chewed and broken down.

Our salivary glands secrete fluids and some digestive enzymes . Our focus here are the digestive enzymes primarily produced in the pancreas because there has to be a continuation of the breakdown of food.

This process is so necessary because our body does not absorb food,it absorbs nutrients from the food we eat.

How do I know if I have enough digestive enzymes?fullsizerender14

If you are eating processed food, restaurant foods or cooked foods you are clearly not ingesting enzyme -rich food.

Getting back to the process of digestion, when you ingest food lacking in enzymes, your body quickly recognizes this fact and the amount of stomach acid released is much higher than normal.

Too much stomach acid can cause gas,flatulence,bloating and extreme discomfort eventually leading to acid reflux.

Lack of enzymatic action and increase in stomach acid does not help the digestion process and there is no breakdown of food into its nutrient pieces like amino acids from breakdown of proteins, fats that are broken down to release fatty acids and cholesterol, carbohydrates are broken down into simple sugars, as well as vitamins and minerals and other plant compounds .

You must be thinking “ Aren’t enzymes destroyed in such high acidic environment ” The answer is “ No”. Some enzymes are just deactivated but some enzymes like protease in this supplement actually thrive in acidic environment. It is an acid stable enzyme.

Processed foods and cooked foods is the talk of the modern era and that is the reason we do not ingest live digestive enzymes from our food anymore.

Did you know that cooking destroys digestive enzymes especially any heat between 118 degrees to 129 degrees.fried-1544553_960_720

Raw foods have the most amount of digestive enzymes.

Now, what happens if the food enters your small intestine undigested. It is bad news for your pancreas. Your pancreas are now forced to overwork and release enzymes . This causes a lot of stress to the pancreas. Over time your pancreas can no longer secrete the amount of enzymes it used to. The production reduces and hence the symptoms of……

  • gas
  • bloating
  • constipation
  • acne
  • diarrhea
  • heart-burn

When you take digestive enzyme supplement before every meal, your body gets enough of enzymes nature intended to give you through food and aids in releasing nutrients from the food that is now easily broken down without causing additional stress to the pancreas. The more the absorption of nutrients from the food, the more the feeling of fullness and lesser hunger signals.

This particular Digestive Enzyme Supplement is rich in Proteolytic enzymes. One of the special feature is that the source of this enzyme is from plants. Most of the other supplements get their enzyme source from animals. If your supplement says “proteolytic bromelain” then it is from a plant source.parsley

Amylase is another important enzyme which helps in the breakdown of carbohydrates.

I love the fact that this product has Lactase as well. This is a very important enzyme for people who are mild to high lactose intolerant . It helps in the digestion of dairy products.

Do not decry supplements as a dogma yet ! What if this is the very product that your body needs ! It could be the best insurance policy you can ever give to your body. Click on the link below to buy it from my website or comment below for discount offers.


Cheers to healthy living!


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