Dietary Supplements ! Do I need them?

Let me begin with how I got into supplements and why? My story might definitely give you an insight into whether supplementing your diet with vitamins and minerals is an option for you or not.salad

My exposure to Vitamin supplements began about 12 years ago. I was living in a beautiful Northern Ohio suburb of Columbus with my family of 2 kids and a wonderful husband who was quite indulged in his newly found passion for fitness. We were all happy and life was wonderful . All our meals were prepared at home, even the school lunches. Kids loved to pack home made sandwiches for their school lunches and it made me even happier.

As I always teach people on studying their body and understanding how it responds to various foods..I have always been a keen observer on my body’s responses to foods that I consumed on a daily basis. I was eating right, plenty of fruits and vegetables each day with enough lentils,legumes,nuts etc and there seemed to be nothing wrong with my diet. But for one problem….almost everyday a feeling of exhaustion would set in around 10-11 am which is quite early in the day for unrelenting tiredness…I remember having gone through many many days of constant fatique. I had no energy left for any kind of work at home or in my job. Days had lapsed into months and I was now desperate..I had to figure out what was going on. Had my annual physical and nothing was wrong…my physician had not recommended me any supplements or even remotely discussed any such thing. I have some great news for you…you do not need a physicians approval on start practicing nutritional medicine. I definitely wanted to take proactive measures on reaching optimal health levels and preserving it. At this point my condition was not related to dehydration.I was drinking almost a gallon of water each day. It was about the same time I had seen an amazing change in my best friend who was easily 10+ years older than me . She had this newly found glow and her energy levels had shot up.She was so full of life and always vibrant. I had to ask her on what was she doing different…She recommended me to try these Organic Vitamins that she had started taking and was amazed at her improved health and vitality. Thus began my research days on Vitamins…one of my defining moments….and I began to question myself “What are supplements? Why do I need them? My Parents generation never had to take any vitamins..they got all their nutrients from the food they ate..Why us? Why now?vitamins1

Vitamins !! What are they?

Vitamins have no particular chemical structure, they are organic substances needed by the human body as accessory nutrients. I know there are many people out there who think….this is all marketing..companies want to make money and sell something..people who are willing to waste their money will do it anyway..I am just going to eat real whole foods and I will be fine…Nothing wrong with that thinking..that is the culture we grew up in. I know I Mom is such a good cook, she would make meals for 6 of us each day and work full time and still have the time to make our clothes,do home decor and focus on her 4 kids education along with focusing on her post-doctoral work. Wow! What a supermom. I was not even close to doing things she did and was exhausted early in the morning….

As I had mentioned my research on foods that we consume and the need for Vitamin supplements was in full swing. This research eventually led to my passion for health and then fitness and the added certifications and experience in this field transformed me to a coach. vitamin2

It made me realize that the changes in the food industry over the past few decades has changed our focus from wealth creation to creating healthy bodies for ourselves.That is quite a change. I started watching people at the grocery stores who were making thoughtful choices about their family’s nutrition. Grocery shopping became a time-consuming process for me, I had to read the nutritional label…I realized no matter how carefully I shopped I was no way close to getting adequate nutrition through food alone.

Farming practices and use of extensive chemical fertilizers is another large topic of discussion.I am sure we all heard about the soil all over the world being depleted of many nutrients including trace minerals.How about the thousands of miles of transit time for fruits and vegetables to reach from farm to market. We as consumers also want our produce to look pretty and appealing, so lets wax up our produce and give it that shine. A team of researchers from the University of Texas at the department of Chemistry and Biochemistry did a landmark study that was published in the Journal of American College of Nutrition..They studied the U.S department of Agriculture nutritional data on more than 40 fruits and vegetables from 1950’s and 1990’s and found that there was a drastic decline in the amount of  protein, iron, phosphorous, calcium, vitamin B, C and many other minerals. The reason for this decline was found out that our agricultural practices have been more designed to improve traits like size,growth rate and pest resistance other than nutrition.

With some more intensive research I was now convinced that I need to supplement my diet with Vitamins and minerals. My study on myself led me to the  passion of helping other people , I became a Certified Nutrition CoachI and now I help people with taking a threefold approach to healthy living… healthy, get into a consistent exercise program and consume high quality nutritional supplements.

Cheers to healthy living !!




  1. Hi Dini, I love the training sessions with you, feel like i am getting my strength back. But reading your artical it feels my story too, could you please share what supplement can i start taking.

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