Do I really have the $$$ to get a personal trainer ?

Most people do not have money lying around waiting to be spent…we have to reach a point where money has to work for us rather than us working for money…eventually we will all get there if we have a plan and follow the plan of action…before we get around figuring that out… I believe good health is our biggest wealth….if you are healthy you can make all the money you want in the world and much everytime I renewed my personal training classes I thought of the same … out of husband and I had to save $$$ I mean tons of $$$ to send our kids to a private college and we did not believe in loans..we were cash only if you have it. But my fitness goals were very important to me..

I had prioritized my family before me for a lot of years and I still do but now my name is also on the top of priority list of people in my life. I started speaking to myself ,am a big advocate of self-talk “I am important to me”, “My health is my prioirity”,”I am the best person in the world to take care of myself” ,”I am so excited to have reached my health and fitness goals” ,”My health is my responsibility” and so on… I asked this to one of my client when I was coaching her on her fitness goals “If you don’t invest in a good personal trainer for your own health and wellness is that money going to be deposited in your savings account every week or is it going to be spent somewhere else “…..9 out of 10 I get the answer it is going to spent on something else… make a wise decision and invest in yourself…..understand where you are and where would you like to be..get your goals clear..interview a few trainers in your gym facility..make sure they do have the experience and more than anything make sure his or her coaching style appeals to you. Make it fun. I remember I would decide beforehand that today’s session is going to be so so awesome and I absolutely love my training sessions because they make me better…do what makes you happy and happiness is nothing but a daily decision….

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