Fiber rich foods


What is fiber(fibre)?

Fiber which has no calories is most times is also referred to as dietary fiber. Fiber is a threadlike,long structure found in the foods that we ingest which our Gastointestinal tract(GI tract) is unable to digest. As this food travels through our digestive system,it absorbs water along the way and helps ease bowel movements.

How much fiber is recommended?

Intake for women – 25 to 30 gms per day

Intake for men – 35-40 gms per day

Unfortunately the many hours that we have to put in at our jobs has been found to be detrimental to our physical well-being.I know many who skip meals,juggle numerous tasks at one time which leaves no time for balanced meals. Most often it leads to a carb overload which has its own consequences.

Before we get on to foods that are high in fiber…lets talk about the types of fiber


Soluble fiber! What is it!

Soluble fiber is the type of fiber that dissolves in water thereby increasing fecal bulk. This type of fiber is known to slow digestion and hence is great for preventing diarrhea.

Insoluble Fiber! What is it!

Insoluble Fiber on the other hand absorb water as they pass through our GI tract which makes them bulkier. It is this insoluble fiber that is great for preventing constipation.

Benefits of Fiber:

FIBER can help…..

  • Reduce the risk of heart disease
  • Reduce the risk of diabetes
  • Reduce blood sugar and cholesterol levels
  • Reduce constipation
  • Aid in bowel regularity
  • Avoid diverticular diseases
  • Avoid inflammation of the intestine

What foods should I eat to get my daily intake of fiber:

I have listed some of the foods and their fiber content……

Spinach -4gms/cupspinach1

Chickpeas -12.5 gms/cup

Cooked Lentils-15.6gms/cup

Raajma(Kidney Beans)-13.6gms/cup

Brown rice-3.5gms/cup





Brussel Sprouts-7.6gms/cupbrusselsprouts

Some Fruits and their fiber content:



Asian pears-9.9gms/cup




Dried figs-14.6gms/cup

Make your grocery list today and add up some of the above mentioned foods to get your daily Intake of Fiber today.

If you ever feel that you are so busy and absolutely don’t have the time to shop or have been traveling and are not able to get enough fiber for that day….That is when fiber supplements0 come into picture. Make sure they have a good balance of soluble and Insoluble Fiber. Some of them come in the powder form and are easy to mix with water or sprinkle over cereal.If you are on a gluten-free diet there are some fiber supplements that are gluten free and since most are plant based it is pretty safe for Vegans and vegetarians too.

Incorporate a healthy diet and you will be the most youthful “YOU” always.

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