Health and Relationships

It is not just your healthy eating habits and exercise that is going to give you the aura of good health but one other factor that in my knowledge plays an extremely important role in your journey to great health is your relationships with other people. To have healthy and harmonious relationships with people you first need to have the right thoughts .

Think right towards people.

You must be wondering what has this got to do with health. It is one of the big secrets to great health. Our body heals much faster when we have the right thoughts.

It all starts with YOU.

You cannot think right towards people if you do not have respectful, loving thoughts for yourself. Most of us have those few schoolmates or college mates who still look the same after 20 or 25 years. Some of it is genetic I agree but the rest of it is vitality, joy, laughter, and happiness that they bring about from within. So, do yourself a favor. Get to know yourself because if you don’t know how amazing of a person you are , chances are you will never be able to love yourself in a healthy way. This could and eventually will impact your physical well-being.

Love yourself . Compliment yourself.iphone photo 664

We all love babies, toddlers and compliment every child we see. I love children as well. Just the thought of a smiling child brings loads of happiness to my heart. Also, children love you back unconditionally. They feel the vibrations of love flowing from you and respond back with more love. It just makes the world such a lovely place to live in. This process of giving and receiving love makes one feel “lovable” and “worthy”. We all like acceptance and children do not judge you , they accept you for who you are…however, if adults did the same we would not be talking about developing harmonious relationships here. This photograph portrays the love a little girl is expressing for her new-born sister. It is priceless. Your self-worth starts building from the day you enter this world.

How about from today you start complimenting yourself about all the admirable qualities you have, what a unique and a special gift you are to this world. Remember it is what you think about yourself that matters most. Think healthy thoughts and you will bring about a youthful, loving and a healthy you. Robert Schuller, one of my favorite authors mentioned this in one of his books…”Your face is a sea that will change according to the winds of emotion and thought.”

Great relationships=Great health

Your health is directly proportional to your relationships with other people. We are social beings and our happiness is largely dependent on our relationships we have with other people. Don’t live to please everybody. That will cause more hurt than happiness. In my journey as a health coach, I have often given a prescription for a dose of happiness each day to many of my clients. Find meaning in your existence. All of us want two things in life and that is success and happiness. You must have come across many people who are unhappy and miserable because of deteriorating health conditions or whatever life circumstances they are going through. Identify what is in your control and change it.


I want to be happy and have great health but don’t know how?

Most of the trouble and misery in this world is caused by unhappy people. It is a disservice to other people. Find happiness in what you do.The photograph here portrays a harmonious, healthy relationship within the family clearly depicting inner security and self-worth wrapped in love and confidence.

Choose to do something each day that makes you happy(things that are in your control)

  • Exercise (endorphins released during exercise make you exhilarated and brings about positive thoughts)
  • Get your nails done
  • Go for a hair cut
  • Spend time with your loved ones
  • Go for an outing with friendsfriends
  • Cook healthy meals
  • Pick a challenge and go after it
  • Buy some new clothes
  • Laugh a lot


Put a gleam on your dream. Your actions might vary according to the day but the goal is to do something each day that is important to you, something meaningful to you. You will soon enjoy living with yourself even more. Now will be the time to help lift someone else’s spirits and create a sense of love in them. Spread the happiness of harmonious relationships and great health.




  1. Hey Dini:

    I agree with you about the connection between good relationships and good health. It seems to me that having stressful and toxic relationships in your life can literally make you sick. And, I also agree that the best way for you to have good relationships with others is to start with having a good relationship with yourself.

    Good job! Keep on….

    • Thank you Netta. Yes a great relationship with yourself starts when you to get to know yourself. Unfortunately life is so mechanical in our modern era that most people don’t have the time to spend with themselves…..

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