About Dini

Love the best version of your body that you can maintain, not the best version of someone else’s body in any condition. 

Your journey to self-love, great health and fitness starts here….



Growing up in India Dini has always been active in athletics and physical fitness during her school years. Functional movements and learning real life skills was always a big part of her fitness regimen. There were no gyms back then, she did have school sports to participate which gave her a chance to tame and harness her body.


Her Dad taught her functional movements, for eg. picking up heavy weights in the form of suitcases made her feel powerful and that is why she enjoys weightlifting exercises even today.


After moving to Ohio, she pursued her career as a gym teacher in private schools. The added flexibility of her school job helped her raise two inspirational, happy kids.


Years passed by and Dini  pursued her passion in nutrition and fitness by achieving multiple certifications in Personal Training, Crossfit L1 Trainer, Exercise nutrition Specialist, Weight-loss Coach and began coaching clients internationally.

She found exercising very therapeutic and energizing. Today, with her experience and expertise she focusses on program design that is not only innovative, unique but also highly effective in improving functional movements. Nutrition plays a key role in exercise and most people don’t know where to begin. 


Dini’s focus would be a fully customized nutrition programming and online fitness routine designed just for you based on your body type, age, climatic condition, country you reside in . She teaches “INTELLIGENT NUTRITION” where you will learn habit change strategies, consistency and persistency with a holistic wellness approach.


Dini’s holistic approach to nutrition along with online fitness coaching and a mission to teach people self-love is positively changing the game of life with her clients . 


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