I am Skinny ! I don’t need to exercise !


In my career of working as a personal trainer I have been asked these questions quite a few times

” I am skinny, I don’t gain weight no matter what I eat, Do I really need to exercise ?

“My wife is thin, she does not need to workout ” and then they wait for my response with a question mark on their face ??

I recently met a very successful physician in her late 30’s . When I looked at her , she appeared fit but as I expanded my conversation with her she mentioned how she was experiencing joint pain and her quality of life had started to suffer. Now, there could be many reasons for that. One of the questions that popped into my head was ” Is she exercising?” Is she strengthening her muscles surrounding her joints? Probably not. I found out that she wasn’t doing any sort of resistance training, weight training or any strengthening exercises !

It does not matter whether you are a thin male or a skinny female, read along to find out if you really need to exercise !

Find out what our Guest blogger Matt Osborn has to say. Matt has a high metabolism, it runs in his family, but does he eat whatever he feels like ? Does he exercise ? Read along to find out what his lifestyle experience so far has led him to…


In this blog he talks about “The Importance of Eating Right and Exercising with a High Metabolism” .

When it comes to staying healthy, it is very important to understand the characteristics of your own body and how those characteristics impact your health choices. For me, I have always had a high metabolism and I feel it can too often mask bad habits, particularly relating to healthy living choices like eating right and exercise.

The first issue is eating right. Some people may brag about being able to eat whatever they want and not gain weight, thanks to their metabolism.

However, I have found that this can be misleading. Since your body metabolizes all food at a high rate, you can look at yourself in the mirror and not necessarily see a reflection of your dietary choices. This is because you are not noticeably gaining weight, regardless of whether you eat healthily or unhealthily. This can then have the dangerous effect of disincentivizing good eating habits because you do not see the negative effects of your poor choices reflected on your appearance.

The second issue is exercise. Again, since you are not noticeably gaining weight, it can tempting to put off exercising for several reasons.


First, society often falsely equates being thin with being healthy. As a result, it can be easy to make the argument to yourself that, since your body is already thin due to your high metabolism, you have already ‘achieved’ one of the common goals people have when they set out to exercise. Second, you could have a busy job that already puts your free time at a premium. Since you aren’t visibly gaining weight, it can be easy to make exercise a lower priority when considering what you want to do with the precious time you have after work.

Personally, I have found this obstacle to be the hardest to overcome. I once worked at a job that required long hours and, at one point, I went for over six months without consistently exercising. I ate unhealthily during that period, too but since I did not gain weight during that period, it made it easy for me to brush off my unhealthy behavior.

For the above reasons, I can speak from experience that it can be hard to commit to eating right and exercising consistently with a high metabolism. However, understanding how a high metabolism can cover up unhealthy eating habits is critical.

With this understanding, you will be in a better position to take stock of unhealthy eating and exercising habits and see how such habits are unsustainable.

To safeguard your long-term health, it is important to see your high metabolism not as a crutch that you can lean on but rather as tool that can help you commit to living a healthier lifestyle.

For all women out there , it is all the more important to exercise even though you have a high metabolism. Check out the blog post by Dini on Bone density, joint pain and exercise   and how they are all linked together.


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  1. I completely agree with this article. I am one of those “Skinny people” that really don’t gain weight. But, when I don’t exercise, I really don’t feel good. I know that my body needs to burn off energy in order to sleep well. Thanks for encouraging others to do the same!

  2. Great article, Dini! I love the fact that you write from you own experience! This speaks a lot to me as I was very thin growing up and I am still quite slim. 🙂 I definitely want to add more exercise to my life. Surprisingly, I have found that dry fasting has been the best way for me to put on healthy weight… So I was wondering… do you have any personal experience with dry fasting?

  3. Hi! Nathalie, thanks for your comment. Yes, I have heard about dry fasting ! Do you fast for the entire day or 10-12 hours and then eat a meal.. How has it helped you ? Can you share ?

  4. Great article to motivate everyone to eat well and exercise. Being thin doesn’t mean your insides are healthy! My husband has never been overweight and he had a triple bypass when he was 55. Now he exercises regularly and mostly watches what he eats. 😉 thanks for another great article Dini! I like the idea of guest bloggers sharing their experience too!

  5. Hi Dini. Thanks for sharing this information. I totally agree that whether we are fat, thin, or the idea weight we all still need to exercise for the many benefits the exercise brings. It generally makes us feel better as well as strengthening the muscles around our joints as you have mentioned. I know that if I do not do a regular yoga practice I will feel a definite decline in my overall wellbeing, mentally, physically, and emotionally. Cheers

  6. This article hits home for me, and I am sure it does for others as well. See, I never paid attention to what I ate or excercise. Because it was all a part of my daily routine. I have always ate to live over living to eat. It was not until my life took a sudden turn that led to a sedentary lifestyle that made me realize the importance of excercise and diet. Thanks for sharing.

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