Juicing Greens !!

I love juicing my leafy green vegetables and some fruits in my amazzzzing OMEGA JUICER


Ingredients :

Kale ( 2 bunches)

Spinach ( 3 cups)

Apples (1 medium)

Carrots (4 medium)

Ginger ( small to medium)

Lemon( half or 1)


Fresh Juice not only has great nutritional value , it has LIFE..
My recommendation is to not buy bottled juices…you may be wondering why not?
Bottled juices are pasteurized, they are heated, processed and that obviously kills all vitamins and minerals.

Make sure you are not juicing only fruits because fruit juice tends to spike up the insulin levels when consumed. I normally juice a mix of raw vegetables with some fruits.


If you are interested in any of the below …..do incorporate juicing as a part of your daily routine ( I recommend atleast 3 times a week )
–    Weight Loss
–    A youthful skin
–    rise in energy levels
–    building up your immunity
–    Stronger bones
–    Load up on antioxidants

Cheers !! Enjoy !

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