Identify your limiting factors and 5 simple ways to attack them

Life happens right !!

When all is going well, life throws a curve ball ! Why ! Why now ! Why me ! One thought leads to another then another and before you know it you are trapped in a web of negative thoughts you find so hard to escape from ! What happened to your exercise and activity that you were so consistent with? Your emotions have sapped your energy out of you…your mind is in turmoil and the last thing on your mind is exercise…Right here is one of your limiting factors….

Limiting factor #1

Mindset and Psychology


You are emotional and hungry, you haven’t eaten a meal in a while ,at this point the first thing you want and need is comfort foods and that is carbs…simple carbs..don’t care if they are nutrient dense or not..who cares at this are not in a mood to cook a freaking healthy meal…so here you go..fries, samosas, soda, whatever you can lay your hands on and is easiest to grab…you go to the grocery store and grab some cheap, tasty foods…

What happened to that athlete in you? You want to overcome but cannot…

As you can clearly see your Physical health is directly (to a very high degree) proportional to your Emotional health.

Plan of attack : As long as you plan on eating healthy 90% of the times and cheat 10% you are all good. Nobody is 100% perfect. Don’t let the guilt build up and let you lose the motivation to stay healthy. Get to the root cause of emotional turmoil that you are going through..Ask yourself “What is in my control as of now”? If you are feeling low..the last person you need to listen to is YOU yourself…This leads me to the next limiting factor..

Limiting factor #2

Self-talk! What do you talk to yourself about?


What is it like living in your own head? Do you like it?Think about it !

Well, your work-week has started and back to the 9-5 , 5 days a week..You cannot wait for the weekend, when is this Friday going to come? Well, let us get back to reality, it is still Monday and you have an early meeting…got to rush to work..What is your plan? Are you going to grab a bagel with cream cheese and some coffee or you had a plan to plan your week ahead of time. Did you pack your lunch? Oh wait ! There is a lunch meeting today and there will be salad, meat but also doughnuts,cookies, muffins and soft drinks ..How do you avoid that? What the…?? I am going to eat whatever this week and will start fresh from next week..

Plan of attack: This is my favorite. Enjoy a life elevating self-affection .Easier said than done but try it. Responsibility generates self-love and first and the biggest responsibility is to yourself, then to your family and beyond. You speak right for yourself and before you know it your kids will follow your example and there you have started the positive impact on generations to come..this leads us to our next limiting factor…

Limiting factor #3

Planning, Prioritization and Preparation


You don’t like cooking or grocery shopping…It takes too much time you are just going to order dinner from your favorite Chinese or Indian restaurant. You had that over the weekend so might as well just pick up Chipotle and go home , watch your favorite TV show and put some popcorn in the microwave . You remind yourself that this behavior is only for this week…

Plan of attack: This what I do..whenever I am in the kitchen I put some motivational talks,podcasts,training videos basically anything I can listen to and feel productive. Also plan your meals, talk to family members on what they would like to eat for the week..delegate tasks where necessary, make a list of the ingredients needed and time for some action now:))

Limiting Factor #4

Habit Triggers or Habit Pairing


Now you have had a high carb dinner and are super exhausted. Need some sleep right ! But you need to do this one task before sleeping..check your emails . There is a lot going on at work and you have to be up-to-date with everything going on in your project. One email, then 2 and before you know it , it is past midnight ! Wait!!! You are trying to sleep and are tired after a long days work, you are tossing and turning and unable to sleep. Go from 100 to 0 so fast, no way.. you are thinking about your presentation at work, the conversation that you had with your family on how you are not spending any time with them etc..Your parasympathetic nervous system did not even have the time to wind down. What happened to your transition plan?

Plan of attack: Try reading a book before sleeping ..I mean a positive thinking or a personality development/leadership book. Self-love comes from self-improvement. If you have little ones, take the time to read a bed-time story and bless their lives with your time.

Limiting Factor #5

Sleep Ritual


We all know that good sleep is extremely important for mental and physical health yet we are a sleep deprived nation. Not only that people who love to get their 7-8 hr sleep ritual in are usually mocked at and judged as non-performers. Well, it is the other way round..I think for those of us who get our sleep hours in have amazing hormonal balance, consume less calories and don’t have to fight obesity.My productivity and performance have always been at my max with good sleep.

Plan of attack: Sleeping is not a crime…take that thought out of your head. You deserve a good night sleep.Change your thoughts about sleep and create a new system for yourself. One of our greatest power lies in the ‘power of choice’. We have the right to make a decision to live in the present, not brood over the past or worry about the future.

So, as always , I will say this again…YOU ARE IMPORTANT, YOU ARE LIMITLESS, we as humans create our own limiting factors and we ourselves can get rid of them.







  1. Thanks for this article! I think you are spot on with these five limitations. I know for sure I need a good sleep. (limitation #5) If I am tired I easily get annoyed and quite emotional. I will eat anything and too much of it “because I deserve it”. (limitation #1) And when I am tired,the bully self-talk pops up (limitation #2). Without sleep there is no way I have energy to do any planning (limitation #3). And the habits… yep :-/ (limitation #4).
    I totally agree that we as humans can create and change our own limiting factors. 🙂

  2. I can defiantly rate to this as someone who promotes positive thinking , self talk is something I highly promote and believe in, and habit trigger are something I defiantly need to work on!

  3. Hi Dini,

    Would you say that our seemingly inherent lack of listening to our bodily needs’ cues could be the result of having lost touch with our intuitive selves?

    I often go back to babies and children – they feed when hungry, sleep when tired. But as they grow older, routines and set times for these survival cues are introduced so that they can fit in with societal norms.

    Do you reckon the modern way of life is stripping us of the abilities to ‘just be’, so that we miss our bodies’ and minds’ cues for regulation?

    We miss hunger and thirst cues till we are desperate and are reaching for anything edible without thought. Alongside this, we seem to have lost touch with hearing out bodies’ need for certain nutrients, because of elimination diets which urge us to avoid this, limit that, eat more of the other – which may be completely what we do not need, but trends say, and so we follow.

    We ignore the need to move because we lead sedentary lives with an hour or two of gym workouts (or none at all) to compensate for the deficits of movement.

    We stay up too late because we’re too busy performing at school or work, earning a living, so that we feel the need to do our own thing till late because we’re deprived of that feeling of ‘me time’.

    What are your thoughts on a society where every aspect of our lives are seemingly prescriptive, hence leading to all of your listed limiting factors above and how to tackle them? Are we literally losing the will to live life as we ought to?

    A long comment, but this is something that genuinely has me interested, and I like to discuss with those in your field of work by profession.

    • Jacquie, thanks for your comment ! Great questions !
      I truly think that people have stopped living as humans and are more mechanical in their actions ! Our society in general is becoming more robotic and there is a drastic decrease in personal touch, not only that there is no awareness of living in the present and enjoying the love that surrounds you instead people are more worried about their future that they forget to acknowledge the blessings that surround them !
      This mechanical life is the reason most people don’t tend to listen to their bodies or their heart ! It is a vicious cycle and it takes self-evaluation and self-awareness to get out of it and start living , actually LIVING !

  4. I like the way you started with life happens then list the 5 limitations. The life situation are always getting in the way of good intentions.

    I normally go to the gym 5 days a week, but occasionally I have to go to work early and can’t make it. when this happens it is sometimes hard to get started again especially if I have missed 3 days.

    I generally do pretty well avoiding the empty carbs, but my downfall is deserts. I have been skipping them when we have social meals most of the time, but as you pointed out sometimes we cheat a little.

    I agree if we don’t cheat too often and don’t beat ourselves up about it and use that excuse to just let go, we can get back on track and achieve our goals.

    • Pierre, is precious and we are all special. The best we can do is not beat ourselves with guilt all over. Society does that enough. Just keep yourself mentally and physically strong. Appreciate your feedback.

  5. I love this post Dini. Its screaming up my tree! I had to share this on my feed.
    Totally agree with all your points especially mindset and high carb issues. But I think less people work on their sleep and it is one of the most important factors for improving your health.
    Thanks for sharing this and look forward to the next post.

  6. hi Dini, Love this post. I see myself going thru with all these limiting factors depending on the week, month and time. Especially the first one. Great topic..

  7. These ideas and instructions, reminders will help to get me back on track. These remarks are so kindly written, who can resist treating ones self better after reading them. Many, many thanks!


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