Microwave :The silent killer of our immune system

A deeper look at how microwave is affecting our digestive system negatively, making weight loss difficult, killing nutrients in our food thereby silently impacting our immune system….

Today I am celebrating a microwave-free life and guess what…I  never ever want to use a microwave again.

I know it is the most popular household appliance today but I call it a “technology failure” especially when it comes to using the magnetron technology for heating or cooking food.



Being a Certified Nutrition and Lifestyle coach, I was very aware of how microwave negatively affects our health, but as you all know we all have busy days , family and friends visiting at times and the easiest and the most convenient , time-saving thing to do is to reheat food in the microwave. We are all guilty of it but today I am here to provide you alternative solutions to microwave.



My personal experiences that led me to “SAY NO to MICROWAVE”

I was not an avid user of microwave but did use it minimally . There was a time when I visited a friend in Canada. For me it was a getaway vacation to spend some quality time with friends and enjoy the change of scenery for a few short three days. Unfortunately, sometimes vacations don’t go as planned and when you stay with friends there are expectations of helping them in the kitchen with cooking and cleaning etc..Nothing wrong with that..I would expect the same since we do not have maids and cooks or helpers unlike some countries like in India where it is so affordable and hence the use of microwave is only 5%.


This wonderful couple had just moved to Canada from another country and so they had no microwave and very limited pots and pans. So to heat food and make tea etc I had to use a pan, wash it and then reuse the same one to cook something else. Frankly, this did not feel like a vacation to me and I started missing this so called technology device “microwave” so much that I had the thought of going to the store and purchasing one for them. Eventually,in 3 short days I got used to a life without this appliance. After all I was eating radiation-free food, I should be happy.

This experience made me realize how much more than necessary time a task as simple as cooking, heating or re-heating of food can take without the ease and convenience of this appliance filled with electromagnetic spectrum of energy that travels at the speed of light to heat our foods. At that time it was just me disliking the dependency on this convenient appliance that had become much of a necessity in our modern fast-paced world.


Microwave-free home , a bliss !


Growing up microwave was not a part of every household as it is today for almost 95% of the families. My Mom had a full-time career as a Professor, Writer, Reader and managing a home with 4 kids with no maids,cooks etc. Dad was the sole-proprietor of 5 industries and inspite of being busy and productive we always had home-cooked, fresh meals. HOW ? They created a system to run their home and career successfully.


Inspired by what I learned growing up, I decided to create a simple system in my daily routine( It is easier to create a system in your own home ) that would help me eat healthy ,organic vegetables and fruits with homemade vegetable juices without ever having to use the microwave.


Every now and then I would came across a friend who would complain of headaches, nausea, depression , weight gain etc and they thought it was linked to microwave foods. Had never heard of these symptoms and their link to microwave. My best research would be to experiment on my own body rather than going by what everybody else thinks or says.


Before I share my system and help you create one of your own let me tell you what happens when the electrons in the microwave oven react with the magnetic and electronic energy and create micro wavelengths.

  1. Causes electromagnetic radiation
  2. Food molecules are vibrated at a very high speed
  3. Agitates the food molecules thereby tearing them apart and denaturing them
  4. Releases radiolytic compounds in food unknown to the human body


Did you know that once the food or protein molecules are distorted and denatured ,they become very difficult to digest(creates an unbalanced digestive system). Our GI tract is a very well coordinated system designed to absorb nutrients while protecting us from toxins, but with an unbalanced GI tract, absorption of nutrients is very limited resulting in more toxicity hence drastically and slowly killing our immune system.

Microwave food also changes our body chemistry resulting in a change in the pH level from alkaline to acidic. And as we all know an acidic body can neither lose weight nor absorb all the nutrients from food. One of the reasons of weight gain.



This is what happened to me when I made my tea in the microwave. I had severe heart burn that would not go away for 6-7 hrs. This was my life while using microwave…thought it was the tea..so no big deal. I can live without a cup of  tea a day. But then it was some other foods like beans,chickpeas,cauliflower, lentils. Eliminated lots of food from my diet and still no relief. I was loading myself with probiotics and fiber and eating healthy and right.



But guess what ! It was the reheating of food in the microwave that was messing up my digestive system big time!

So, for folks who genetically have an acidic body avoiding microwave cooked food or heating any kind of beverages is a must. By ‘must’ I mean stop using microwave right away.


It was time for me to say “GOODBYE” to “microwave radiation” once and for all …it was a very very happy one with one regret..why did I not stop using this thing before…but better late than never..


Why none of you should not be using Microwave at all….

  1. Denatures food making it hard for digestion
  2. Digestive cancers have risen drastically
  3. Kills the B vitamins, enzymes and vital minerals
  4. Increases toxicity in the food
  5. Raises the level of free radical damage (causes of various degenerative diseases like colon cancer , heart diseases)
  6. Kills our immune system making us more prone to infections
  7. Causes fertility and reproductive issues


Here are a few alternatives to microwave:

Morning tea or Instant coffee lovers-


Heat up water in an electric kettle or directly on stovetop. I have a gas cooking range and I make my tea with tea leaves and cinnamon on the stovetop(love it).

Snack options: Take snacks to work that do not need heating. I pack apples with sprinkled cinnamon,nuts and seeds, mixed berries

For your children, if you do pack snacks that need heating use a convection oven to heat it.

Lunch : If you are working pack yourself salads, pasta, quinoa with black beans, nuts ,seeds and fruits

Dinner: Use Crock-pot for cooking. If you have Instant Pot you are all set. I throw in some brown rice with vegetables,some garlic and seasonings etc and let it cook for 10 min. Whola !! Fresh dinner is ready.


Once you get used to your countertop convection oven, Instant Pot and stove-top cooking methods, believe me you will not ever need a microwave.

Countertop convection ovens are great to save energy and are faster than regular ovens.

How about Thawing of frozen meats and other frozen foods:

Plan ahead and thaw it in your refrigerator the day before and defrost the rest by running it under hot water if necessary.

For more snack and meal ideas visit my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/dinishealthyliving/

Life without a microwave has been awesome . I am energized with loads of vitality and LIFE in my life. My digestive system has never ever had any problems. I am able to eat all the foods including beans, chickpeas, cauliflower and have my tea with absolute ease. Anything and everything agrees with my digestive system. It has been so easy to lower my body fat% with a combination of microwave-free foods, exercise, eating organic vegetables, juicing and consuming organic supplementation.


Last but not the least I want you to know that you are important , you are awesome...take care of YOUR health firstly for yourself and then for your loved ones. Your family wants to see you healthy and happy for the rest of your life. Love yourself enough to let your glory shine. Let the music in your heart be heard. Live the life of your dreams and that will happen when you are healthy inside. So, friends, join me in my mission to “ENERGIZE MORE LIVES THROUGH HEALTHY EATING, EXERCISE AND SELF-LOVE” by sharing this blog with family and friends.

Cheers !!


  1. I never knew how bad a microwave really is but the discussion came up over dinner and I decided to do some research. Thanks to this post, I think my other half will agree that they are harmful. What’s a no-brainer thing is the fact that you can actually use other appliances that do a much better job and better for your health.

    So a Nuwave will be okay to use right?

  2. I always suspected that the microwave was bad. Just the amount of radiation it is leaking out has to be harmful especially for those like me who stand there staring in waiting for it get done. Much like GMO them non natural things are not good as the body attacks them.
    I’ll have to check into one of them pressure cookers. Looks like a good choice for fast cooking.

  3. Hi Dini,

    Yes thanks so much for the reminder. We have a microwave at home but I know how bad they are. I have used it a few times to cook my porridge. I was in the habit of cooking it in a pot but have become a little lazy lately so your post is timely.

    Far better using pots and pans. I am a healthy guy but using a micro is not healthy at all. Thanks again for a great post.


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