Most significant barrier to weight loss success

Losing weight is not that complicated or is it ….I always thought it was simple but not easy just like achieving success in any endeavor. It is our human brain that makes things complicated. We approach any complex situation in our life with a step by step approach because our common wisdom says that is the best way to overcome a challenge.


Unfortunately weight loss is not viewed that way. We want immediate gratification and the weight-loss companies jump on with different diet approaches to deliver what the consumer needs only to find out that this quick-fix approach has worked backwards for you.

My mission is to help you develop a healthy relationship with your body.

Why? Because I think “body image” is the biggest barrier for most people to overcome when it comes to losing weight in a healthy way.

You must be wondering  “If I accept my body as it is am I not being complacent and that could make me gain weight “. In fact the opposite of it is true ” Beating yourself up about your appearance and putting yourself down is NOT going to motivate you to make that healthy lifestyle change that you deserve.”


We all have barriers that get in the way of our success. Have you had any in the past …I am sure you did..Do you remember how you overcame that barrier? Was it easy? We all have gotten fired up about achieving success in some area or the other. Your drive and enthusiasm was good enough for you to achieve your goals. Here , we are talking about healthier weight and suddenly you must be thinking….”Ya , right ..I have tried all these diets and exercise plans and they seemed so spectacular at that moment and yet they didn’t work for me “….Well, I am here to give you hope that once you figure out this barrier that could be potentially blocking your path to achieving that healthier will be well on your way to achieving your goals for a healthy,wealthy and a happier life.


The biggest barrier to achieving your weight loss goal….Your body image

Do you have the right body image? If you do great….if not find out how to get one !


What is body image ?

Have you ever wondered about it? At times you might feel “YES” I have a great body image..and at times you must have caught yourself saying ” I hate that weight gain…why does it have to be on my thighs “.

The feelings and thoughts you have about your body is “body image”.

I have been a cross-fitter 🙂 for a year now and have loved every minute of it. Just the thought of going to my crossfit box for an intense workout would make me jump out of bed early in the morning. My family calls me ‘crazzzy’ but I call it ‘happiness’. I started my days feeling so happy and doing the things that make me happy thereby creating a feeling of a positive body image. Now , in general I have a healthy body image but I have caught myself in the past saying things like “if only I could lose that thigh fat” and maybe some from my glutes and on and on….

Well, this talk did not affect my self-esteem or anything till the day I had a crossfit injury and my Chiropractor told me not to workout for sometime because my shoulder had to heal . The only exercise I could do was brisk walking.

A few days went by, I started missing my weight lifting routines and the crossfit community feeling and slowly sensed a change of muscle mass and some weight gain ….believe me it was not fun…


My mood changed, my mental representation I had of my body and the thoughts and feelings that go with it affected every area of my life from feeling unhappy, the way I dressed, my eating patterns and where I went or whom I met. I was grumpy and at times  did not enjoy being around myself….absolutely not the right thing to do but fortunately we all can change our choices and I did. I made a choice to change my thinking.



How to overcome this barrier ?

Fortunately for me , I am an internally motivated person. I do not look for motivation from outside especially when it comes to leading a healthier lifestyle and reaching my weight loss goals. Hope you feel the same about yourself. We all have the ability to change ourselves for the better. Start seeing your body from a new perspective. Believe and accept the fact that you are worth it and deserve all the happiness and confidence. This is my self-talk when it comes to creating a good and healthy body image…we all need a boost and the best is when it comes from you yourself, the inner you starts to believe in you.

” I am beautiful. I am strong.

I am always happy and full of confidence

I am fit and attractive

I eat healthy. I exercise regularly and treat myself with respect.

I have amazing relationships and am successful at everything I do.”

You can add your own lines but this is short and sweet and it works.

What are the reasons of poor body image?

If you are a grown-up and have a healthy body image kudos to you. Impart that to the next generation by making a conscious decision to teach your kids.

If not I want you to understand the reason why atleast 89% of the population today is suffering from an unhealthy image of themselves…No matter how hard you work on your weight loss somehow these are a few reasons that people feel hopeless and unmotivated in working towards a healthier weight .

  • having overly critical parents ….

If you have heard this before ” You don’t look good in yellow…why don’t you go change” or

” Why don’t you join a gym and work on losing weight”? Sometimes these harsh words just get branded in your brain and can be a major barrier in helping you achieve your goals.

  • Friends teasing and bullying about your looks especially during adolescence can lead to a poor body image


  • Something as simple as not being asked for a prom

I once heard a husband telling his wife when she got into her swim suit ” Honey, you look like a baby elephant “.

It has been 20 years and she has not gone for a swim since. Be careful what you say for it can leave a permanent scar in someone’s brain.

I would frankly also blame the media for the countless images and messages that we are exposed to on a daily basis. Most people try to reach the unrealistic expectations projected by the media and fail doing it. This immense pressure can lead to an unhealthy body image.

So, friends….understand and accept yourself. There are some factors that might be out of your control like what happened with you in the past, how you were treated as a child etc. Focus on the positive in your body. Create an activity log for yourself and each day engage in body-positive behaviors and you will gradually reach your healthy weight loss goals.

Cheers !


  1. Wow great site, you have lots of great information that anyone looking to lose weight would no doubt find helpful and useful on a day to day basis.. I love the fact that you have included positive affirmations as creating a healthy mental is thee most important part when trying to achieve anything in life, I love that I don’t feel pressure to lose weight when I visit this site.. I feel more motivated toM get and stay healthy oppose to other weight loss sites that are basically telling me I need to lose weight to be a good enough… I love the positivity on this site. Great work

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