Post-Workout Smoothie

What should I drink after my workout?

I have had this question many times from my clients and there are many choices as to what you can have after a workout session.I am going to share what I take and how it benefits me. Hopefully it will be of great benefit to you too.mixed berries

Normally the recommended ratio of carbs to protein after a workout is either 2:1. I like the fact that I can eat simple carbs right after workout…Carbs was such an awesome word and a “happy” one too ..but now for us adults it feels like it is wrong to even consume carbs..It makes the word so “sad”. Don’t forget that vegetables and fruits are also carbs and they are the “happy” ones.There seems to be a lot of confusion about eating carbs…but let me assure you.. simple carbohydrates are totally fine to consume after workout .

My post workout smoothie has mixed berries which I usually buy at farmer’s market or a pack of frozen mixed berries along with a banana and a scoop of Whey Protein Powder.banana1 As you know Glucose and Glycogen are both used up during workout. Since carbohydrates are the main macronutrient source of energy for our body… it is stored in the form of glycogen in the liver and the muscles.After the carbohydrates have been depleted during workout fat metabolism takes place .Last resort for the body is to turn to Protein to make energy.The reason I add banana to my shake is because after my moderate to high intensity workout along with replenishing my carbs I also need to replenish the lost sodium and potassium. The high-glycemic carbs from banana quickly converts to a usable form of energy.So the fruits coupled with my protein source Whey protein Powder is a perfect post-workout shake.

Post-Workout Smoothie ! Did you use Vitamix !!

Yes I did !! I use my all time favorite blender of 10+ years Vitamix 5200 model for everything. It has been very loyal to our family and is one of the best investments I have ever made…Vitamix does a great job in grinding anything and everything so perfectly and this banana berry protein smoothie is one of the few shakes/smoothies that will definitely deliver the ‘WOW’ experience when made in this amazing …. Try it …you will love it…It is yummm…enjoy!!smoothie1

Ingredients to blend:

1 scoop Whey protein Powder (26 gms of protein)

1/2 Banana

1 cup of mixed berries (fresh or frozen)

1 cup water (iced water or add ice cubes)

Cheers !!

For my friends who would like to use only plant based protein ,Raw meal from amazon is a great purchase . click on the image below.


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