Sled training and its benefits

I was first introduced to sled training at a  Crossfit box and instantly fell in love with it . I have always enjoyed fitness and with sled training added to my workout regimen , I was just overjoyed. Sled training has been gaining a lot of popularity lately and is now a part of almost every gym.


What is sled training and what are its benefits?

Sleds come in various shapes and sizes. The one I use in my crossfit box is the traditional prowler sled with parallel runners and vertical posts where weights can be loaded . Some of them just have a vertical post for weights. All of them do have attachment points though for towing straps.


1.Sleds can be used to push, pull or drag thereby adding variety to your workouts .

2. Looking for explosive leg power, sleds can do that. It can build solid strength in the hamstrings, calves, gluten, quads and core.

3. Sleds can be used for both aerobic conditioning as well as for aerobic power. Load up slowly and push.



Sled-pull and push both add a great variation to your exercise routine and if you are looking for strength , muscle building, pure metabolic conditioning, recovery, it can do it all.


Make sure you start with moderate loads . If you can walk , jog or run you can do a sled pull.

Sled pull and push are usually part of the WOD( Workout of the day ) at Crossfit box . They are also used at gyms to enhance power performance for various sports.

Be open to trying new exercises that challenge your body. Increase your blood flow to muscle tissues through sled training and you will see amazing change in your body composition.

I am looking for significant strength and muscle hypertrophy which is the reason I like to go heavy. You can start off with less weights, push fast and within 15 secs you should feel your heart rate go high. This would activate your anaerobic energy system (uses powerful bursts of energy )

Lighter weights for longer distances will help you in improving your aerobic fitness level.

Overall, in my opinion sled is a very powerful training piece of equipment targeting different muscle groups. Stay strong and believe you can. Go, try it and I know you will love it.


Cheers to healthy living !!


  1. Pretty impressive and I see men and women alike struggling through this exercise. I guess it is intended to improve strength, as well as endurance. It reminds me of the bench press, just even more of an overall workout. Excellent choice for everyone. Good post !

    • Melinda, I have been doing crossfit for a year now. Start with a few days first. The workouts are intense. I used to do it 5 days a week, injured myself, now only 2 -3 days a week.

  2. WHOA!!! I can’t say that I have ever heard of sled training before, bet you better believe that I won’t forget it now!

    I’m curious to know, for people who have had just low to moderate exercise over the last year – let’s say they get less than 3 hours of cardio and strength-building combined a week – is there a workout you would recommend getting them “ready” for this training, or do you think the best approach is to just jump right in?

    At first glance, it does look intimidating, but after I saw the definition on your arms, Dini, I think I could easily get over that!

    That video is intesne, Dini! Very impressive!

    • Veronica, Thanks for your kind words 🙂
      If you have access to sled in your gym or a crossfit box you can jump right in. I started with less weights and just was curious to see what my one rep max was ..
      Start sled push with no weights, get the feel of it and slow progression with weights is ideal and that is what I would recommend.

  3. I’ve never heard of sled training before. But I have seen this method used by many athletes over the years. Just didn’t know it was called sled training.

    Would you suggest this over traditional sit-ups and push-ups or would you rather combine all together?

  4. I have never heard of sled training. I watched the video and I must say that was impressive to say the least. That sled push is a very unique exercise and I surely can see the benefit.

    How often do you implement the sled training into your workout routine? Both exercises are very challenging. I am glad you shared this. Thanks.

    • Nate, thanks for your comment. I love sled training so I use it as a warm up routine for myself and for my clients. Gets your heart rate high really fast. I would say 1-2 times a week is good .

  5. That is pretty neat! I never heard of sled training before. I love that it works your core which in my case since I have injuries to my low back I need a strong core. I am only considered that the positioning I would have to be in is my low back strong enough for this type of exercise. Thanks for the info!

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