This is a guest post by my very good friend and a health blogger Sandy . I personally love Yoga and have benefited a lot from it ….yes it did help me not only with weight loss but improved flexibility and muscle strength and more…read along so you can benefit from it too…

Are you one of those who think that “yoga and weight loss” don’t go together!

If you are suffering from obesity, then there are a few important things you must look into! It’s not enough to introduce a physical exercise regime in your daily life and naively believe it’ll take care of everything!! No, it most definitely won’t! It’s important to get your act right to see proper results.

Watch out your eating habits, it’s important that you eat right and not starve! Starving will only help you fail sooner! Enjoy an active lifestyle and be consistent with the yoga  routine.  The mind plays a lot of tricks, the only way is to challenge yourself, stick to a healthy routine and be determined to go to the finishing line.

Yoga to lose weight

Yoga has several asanas or postures to help tone the body, improve strength and flexibility. As discussed in the previous post, it also helps improve the functioning of various glands and organs thus improving body metabolism.

Surya Namaskar or Sun salutation is a highly recommended set of yoga asanas effective in controlling obesity. The Sun salutation yoga postures are done rhythmically and in succession giving the entire body a good cardio workout. With daily practice, it not only keeps the flab in check, but also keep away many ailments. Apart from sun salutation, there are many yoga postures which benefit various parts of the body helping to maintain optimal weight.

Dhanurasana or Bow posturebow pose

Sarvangasana or Shoulder stand

Halasana or Plough pose

Matsyasana or Fish pose

Ushtrasana or Camel pose

Ardha matsyendrasana or Spinal twistpaschimottanasana

Paschimotannasana or Forward bend

Trikonasana or Triangle pose

Veerasana or Warrior pose

Garudasana or Eagle pose


Shavasana or Corpse pose

The above postures together help in the overall body workout. Many postures like the Sarvangasana pose, Halasana  improve the functioning of the thyroid, parathyroid and pituitary glands. Other postures are effective for the abdominal region, improving secretions in the abdominal organs. for ex: The Bow pose or Fish pose.

Postures such as the spinal twist, plough pose are very effective for the spine, enhancing flexibility, toning the spinal nerves and maintaining a healthy back. The standing postures like the triangle pose or warrior pose improves balance and co-ordination between nervous system and musculoskeletal system. The corpse pose need to be practiced as and when needed as a restorative pose. Along with these asanas, practicing Pranayama or the breathing technique has a huge impact on the mind and body. Learn yoga under the guidance of a yoga teacher for best results.

Do not harm yourself!

Don’t expect to lose weight in a day or a week! It’s damaging for the body, you’ll be doing more harm to the body than anything! Being consistent is the key to weight loss. Eat right, be regular in your practice, choose to be active rather than choosing the couch and get some rest for the body to replenish it’s energy.  With some discipline and a little determination, lot can be achieved.

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Cheers to Healthy Living !!


  1. Hello Sandy- Thank you for covering this guest post on yoga and weightloss, it was a vdry interesting read! For some reason I feel like I’m being drawn to this kind of new growing interest or curiosity in what I know deep inside is the right direction if I’m going to get serious about what I’m going to be doing with what I’m already doing with my daily meditation sessions?

    I could defenitly learn a thing or two from and Dini’s friend Sandy!

    (by the way- the images next to the yoga postures are not viewable or their links are broken!)

  2. This is definitely a great way to lose weight! My girlfriend swore by this because she has been doing it for like 2 years now. And I thought it was all bogus but decided to try Yoga and it’s surprisingly beneficial in many different ways. Yes I lost weight but I also learnt discipline which was something I always lacked.

  3. What a nice post you wrote Dini! I really enjoyed reading it and could not be silent about your post so I decided to leave my comment here and say Thank You for sharing this quality post. Actually I was looking for information about the losing weight with yoga and when I landed on your website and read this post, it answered all my questions in details and it was exactly what I wanted to know.
    I’m happy that you’ve decided to write about this topic and share it with others. It’s very useful post in my opinion and can definitely be used as a great source for everyone who is interested to know about this topic.

    I will definitely come back to your site again to read more posts. Keep up quality articles! 🙂


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